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  2. David, wonderful posting. Upon opening up the hyperlink I thought to be able to me personally, when i often do, this will be a useless posting. Although I’ve got to believe you actually about these often overlooked on-page factors. I see these people horrible at all times!

  3. Bomb mÃ¥ste det väl ändÃ¥ kallas. Det enda som talar för DjurgÃ¥rden i statistiken är att Brynäs har en horribel slpasuelsstttistik under 2000-talet. Utöver det talar all statistik för att Brynäs skall vinna. Det roligaste jag läst om detta är att Brynäs och DjurgÃ¥rden bara mötts i slutspel tvÃ¥ gÃ¥nger och att vinnaren vunnit SM-guld de Ã¥ren. NÃ¥got att hoppas pÃ¥ kanske 🙂

  4. the words you choose DO make a difference in others… some say that words are meaningless… that it is only our actions we are responsible for… i believe that our words have the capacity to help or harm the places that cannot be helped or harmed physically and that these places are the most important…nice post…p.s. wondering if you’d like to participate in a poetry game i’m setting up for tomorrow???

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  10. Louis ChassangPas de doute, vous êtes bien un Chassang : faux-cul comme pas deux, toujours à musser quelque chose. C’est pas vous, par hasard, qu’auriez bousillé mes immortelles, qui sont de purs sanglots ? Quant à l’Alexandre, hein, vous savez ce que j’en pense. C’est pas lui qu’en mettrait treize à la douzaine.Émile Chassagne

  11. dit :There is fluoride (Hitler camp chemical) in the tap water and genetically-modified frankenstien foods on the « innocent » supermarket shelves

  12. "Gott hat die Welt erschaffen, greift aber seither nicht mehr ein"und der Theist: "Gott hat nicht nur die Welt erschaffen, sondern greift auch immer wieder ins laufende Geschehen ein", dann bin und bleibe ich Theist. Denn ich weiß, daß er, wenn er will, eingreift. Aus eigener Erfahrung, aus einem Erlebnis, dessen Direktheit mich völlig überzeugt hat. Bis zu diesem Tag war ich Atheist gewesen.

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  15. 166Collected Jess from the vets this afternoon & found your blog very reassuring – especially about the shivering. Thank you.Would like to add a couple of notes for people in the same boat:check with your vet about water – Jess was allowed to drinkbuy some chicken – she has to have chicken and rice for 2 days2c

  16. I’d like to see them do something similar to the Heritage Sports Complex in Lincoln Park. If they built an arena with a sheet or two of ice in a complex on the east side of town that’d be great!

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  18. Kingpin disse:Fala galera. Comecei a ler os novos 52 só agora, mas só os principais… Tem algum fora esse que eu posso ler sem medo? Vai ter mais reviews dos novos 52? Acho legal ter reviews curtos. Tenho preguiça de ler… hahahahah

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  20. I managed to find The Queen of Air and Darkness (and The Problem of Pain) in an old antholog, so my SF cred is safe ^_^U. The story seems quite balanced, and all both of you say is there – but it ends not with the human changelings changing the stars for the city lights, so to speak, but with the puk singing a sad song before he flies away, so I’d go for melancholy…

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  23. Okay, so how weird is this? I'm not sure who you are but I know I follow you on pinterest. Anyway, I noticed today your name is Sharla (Sharlala is really cute, I want to steal that now.) And then I went to your pinterest page and saw that you teach preschool (I taught preschool from home for years), have four boys (I have four boys) and seem to be LDS. So we are like practically twins! There aren't many Sharla's out there. So hello to the twin I never knew I had!

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  25. Cindy,Jen is right. Your mom is so lucky to have you and your sister fighting for her. You and Jess are such beautiful, strong and thoughtful women. Your parents did well. Cherish all your moments with your mom and family. Show the world what it means to love one another and be a family. Our family is here if y’all need anything.Love,Sweeney FamilyXoxo

  26. OMG Your an amazing teacher! You repeat key points, let it sink in and then move on. I’ve been sitting in Chem for almost the whole quarter and now I understand it thanks to you!

  27. “Anything’s better than NOO-kya-la for NU-cle-a. Guess who … but not for much longer … hehe’Noo kyala is actually a very common pronunciation – particularly in the southern US. However, many Australian english speakers have difficulty with it as well. Anthony Albanese comes to mind.It’s maybe related to people trying to compress a three syllable word – nuc le ar – into two.

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  30. President Could Order Civilians to Be ‘Massacred’Feb 19, 2010 Melissa Golden – Getty ImagesFormer Justice Lawyer John Yoo The chief author of the Bush administration’s “torture memo” told Justice Department investigators that the president’s war-making authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a village to be “massacred,” according to a report by released Friday night by the Office of Professional Respon

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  36. Awww!! Thanks so much!! I need to open up my TS2 game but other games have been eating my time! And work! And me being lazy! But I will definitely try to get something done this weekend! Well, my weekend which is Thursday and Friday this go around! *fingers crossed*

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  38. Mary your post has really touched me! Thank you so much for putting this post together. It's funny, because as I'm sitting here reading your post, I am eating a bowl of chili. My son is moving back to N.Y. in a few days and requested me to make it.

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  42. Thank you Lori for allowing my previous post. That comment is not mine alone, there are thousands and thousands of people who feel the same. Much like the fraud existing in the scope of Welfare, there too I believe the same. Treat the children of welfare and require the parent(s) to be working, review every 90 days and if employment is not verified, take the children from the patrents and offer them a chance to re-gain custody after they establish a proven and verified work history. I just hate fraud against tax-payers.

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  58. I'm so sorry to hear that, Anne — quite horrible, the feeling of your space being violated, and the endless round of 'what if's that go on in your head. I hope your mind settles soon to happier things

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  60. Pacat de Alex, mai ales cum se ruga azi de Nistor sa il bage putin in seama…. dar mde e deputat domnu’ de’acuma si 4 ani iar nu ii mai ajunge nimeni la.. 

  61. Good write-up. From my experience, the food at Launceston Place is good but never great. The mark-ups for vino are absurd though. 🙁 Typical of London I guess.p/s Helen is right about Mileens. I bought a whole truckload over christmas. Kind of like a very mild Epoisses.

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  67. Posted my 1st video. I'm also just getting the camera clock, and have chosen the thumbnai. It has been 24 hours. Why do I still have no image on anyhing???? Help

  68. Yeah, its the direction of the foot that bothers me….What?? Yes!! I AM looking at her feet!! I’m weird like that!! Don’t look at ME like that !!! Anyway, it’s really pronounced to me in jpg.11 and 68. Like why is it pointing inwards……Anyway this looks like a great figure regardless. Thanx for the review.

  69. Perhaps, some of you are taking this a tad too seriously? I think if you read the original Messerli article carefully (or even casually?) you will find it is very ‘tongue in cheek’. Just look at his ‘Disclosures’ at the end! The very point he is making is we should be careful about assuming spurious correlations. He just makes it subtly and with a smile but sadly some people think he is being serious! (By the way, for those of you REALLY not paying attention – the Messerli article was in NEJM not the BMJ).

  70. D&D is NOT thoroughly white, but rather heavily influenced by Jews.If you have any interest in the history of such things, look at how Jewish nepotism destroyed the TSR business enterprise. Likewise, another big game company, White Wolf, was rife with Jewish politics until it got bought out by one of the sleaziest names in the computer game business.

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  87. I think Jenkins represents the indecisive political leader (Bush, Obama, whoever) that cannot relate to the people he is leading and who is willing to bail someone out even at the almost certain risk of it leading to the same problems happening again. He lies to himself that it will lead to any kind of long term benefit. Gandolfini represents the insecure, whiny American. Pitt represents the voice of reason, the guy who isn’t consumed by the idealistic notions being vomitted in the flowery speeches of political leaders. The guy who isn’t willing to lie to himself, unlike Jenkins and Gandolfini.

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