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  6. Thanks for this Nathan, enjoyed reading your thoughts on Genesis, particularly as I have to lead a group tomorrow night on the conclusion to the prologue.Have you noticed how chp 11 ends with the story of a man moving from Ur to the promised land, moving in a westerly direction. Up to this point in the story, all movements have been easterly. Adam & Eve banished east of Eden. Cain wandering east. The builders are moving east as well.It seems east is symbolic of the direction away from God. West is the journey of return.

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  11. Hi Scottie — I find it funny that I pulled up this website for the first time (after seeing it on CNN) and saw that you live in the same town as me =)Your story is awesome and I'm so glad that you were finally able to find *you*.

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  16. Jen Frame — This is such a beautiful family, but I have to say that the father and son picture really pulled at my heart strings. Thank you Josh for serving our great Nation!

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  26. I would opine that the majority of the so called environmentalists are merely today’s useful idiots. They have been coapted by the anti-capitalists some of whom populate the EPA and are still pigning away for the return of Marx. They in turn have been aided by the eminant scientists who sit on the Supreme Court. These men in black declared carbon dioxide a pollutant and have therefore allowed the EPA to create havoc with our econmy and make us more vulnerable to our enemies.

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  28. JulieHope you are all enjoying “working life” and school days. Love looking at your pictures, it great that we can share your adventure as it happens. Trying to work out how we can let Mum and Dad see your blog as they don’t have internet but will find a way. Take care, enjoy!x

  29. you only get 1 without filing a motion for permission.)I also found a Pro Se Handbook for the Northern District of California that saysA defendant must respond to an amended complaint either:1. Within the time remaining to respond to the original complaint, OR2. Within 14 days after being served with the amended complaint,whichever period is later.I’d guess the period to file an amended complaint (without motion for permission) is probably similar to those 14 days. Maybe 14 days from the original complaint and/or similar to NY (just one), to prevent amendment after amendment.

  30. Smrt Mama:I haven’t reviewed it yet and since Officer Daddyman is the one working on it w/ Captain Science, I’ll have to have him do a guest review. So far, it seems thorough.

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  32. MI, I can’t go into a lot of detail but yeah, I know it’s right too… Those guys ARE the standard… Then there’s ‘shooters’, they give us ALL a bad name…

  33. >Hey, friend! I’m struggling with keeping up on this study due to all that is going on at our church. But God is teaching me through yours and others’ posts! Sounds like another great chapter. I just love Micca’s writing. Her story is amazing. Bless you and all your nose hairs, Lelia!

  34. Following your passion can be extremely scary and intimidating but so glad to hear that you did it! I started mine journey just yesterday following my passion of what I love to do so we will see how it all turns out!

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  40. "So the joint force in charge of counter-terrorism was not convened. That would have created a paper trail.And so four men died."If wingnuts had only cared about the over 4,000.00 who died in Iraq…Oh wait, that was under a republican president. Moving right along.

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  46. El problema es que cuando lleguen las siguientes elecciones la prensa pertenecerá al gobierno y hablará por su boca. Y todo lo que se lea en ella serán mentiras del gobierno: si ahora han conseguido engañar a la mayoría ¿qué crees que pasará luego?, sin derecho a manifestaciones, ni siquiera pacíficas; ni a leer críticas, ¿tendremos que ir a otro país para saber lo que pasa de verdad en el nuestro?

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  63. Hey you! Love this card (and may I mention that I was so impressed to see that you SEW your buttons down!!! now thats dedication!! lol! I am a hot glue kinda girl (read: lazy)) And you get scuh good sparkle pictures! Love this card too, btw:):)

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  65. I hate the recent addition of thumbs up and down. Just another tool for the haters. Completely pointless. Why don't you take more notice of the messages that people send about accounts that need to be suspended?? nothing has been done about the fake Granni009 account that I wrote to you about.

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  72. Ca orice om si eu judec si nu ma deranjeaza sa fiu judecat de exemplu acum grersesc acest cuvant… tu ma judeci…si nu ma deranjeaza pentru ca eu ca fiinta rationala trebuie sa fiu constident de toate greselile mele, sa le constientizez si sa incerc sa le redul. Tot respectul pentru cel care a scris articolul acesta. Numai bine !

  73. Haha… =D Satt med ett stort leende videon rakt igenom =DÄlskade ljudeffekterna/rösterna du lagt in =DLilltjejen sÃ¥g helnöjd ut under middagsbjudningen med ”the gang”.Men bäst var ju ändÃ¥ katten! Haha! CAREFACE! =DJag röstar helt klart för mer unboxing! =DPEACE!

  74. Sandy,I am so glad you saw the post. I hope you were able to take advantage of the free download to your Kindle. No doubt Women in High Def will help bring clarity to what I believe God is already birthing in you. I realize full time jobs are hard to come by right now. Yet, I also know God is bigger than the job crisis. Keep believing and trusting, I will be watching and cheering as we see his purpose live up with your passion! Praying for you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.~b

  75. PM What you, how shall I say, conveniently overlook is the redistribution of wealth. It's not just a larger portion of tax for the rich, it's that the money the rich put into the system is being directly handed over to the poor. That's not a tax, it's wealth redistribution with the IRS as the middleman. Tax exemption for the impoverished is civilized. Taking from one and giving to another with no labor or contribution required of the recipient is flat out communism.

  76. In a few posts in 2006 (December) you say that Lupron use declined. But, it comes up often in your more recent posts. My clinic, which is very highly regarded and has good rates and is conservative about multiples, etc., seems to use Lupron as the default. Is this unusual? Should I question this practice? My background: I am about to start my first IVF cycle after TTC for #2 for almost 2 years with one missed abortion. (I conceived #1 naturally at age 30 after 19 months of TTC). I am now 34. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. It is very informative and I think the tone is perfect.

  77. I agree that the wider silhouette with the cap sleeves is really flattering on you. This would make a stunning vest as well and be more versatile but I fell with the cap sleeves it is a bit more of a statement/completer piece than without sleeves. Either will be great. Love the brooch.

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  82. Das sind ja schöne Sachen, die du da genäht hast. Ich muss auch noch Backen, und noch Briefe schreiben, und noch Geschenke besorgen….Wie jedes Jahr bin ich schwer im Verzug 🙂 Hab ein schönes Adventswochenende. Viele GRüße von PillePalle

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  86. Does anyone know – When you say all the capacitors on the board, exactly which ones do you mean. just the ones near the original two blown ones 3300uF on the power section of the board – or? what other capacitors (all on the entire board)? Also, do you have to use non lead solder? How critical is the soldering job?

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