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  5. Thank you Perry! Seriously–I’m not sure on the correct terminology, capitalization or not, etc. I”ll have to look into that before I start writing about Twitter in the big leagues. I mean is it a tweet or a Tweet???

  6. I love the Pasta Roni comment… it's like when I was little and was allowed to pick whatever meal I wanted for my birthday and I ALWAYS chose Salisbury steak… the frozen kind… then one year I asked for prime rib and was told it was too hot. *sigh*

  7. all *Christian* worship participates in heavenly worship. Such a statement on my part assumes that Christian worship is that which is ultimately Spirit-inspired and connected via the reality of who Christ is. To say that only the Orthodox or those that approximate Orthodox practice in worship are the ones that participate in heavenly worship as I outline it above is denying the status of Christian to anyone outside Orthodox jurisdictions. Hopefully, you’re not saying that and we can agree that any real Christian worship participates in heavenly worship.

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  10. #70 Jill: See that is all I ask, a little landscaping, a little paint, thats it. I don’t care how small or modest a house is. A little basic care and pride go a long way!

  11. Agree that the all or nothing approach is fine for the time being, but being able to select which faces to blur will be even more useful. I remember Witness saying last year that they were lobbying various websites to make this possible, especially for sensitive countries where protests are forbidden.

  12. “If there does not exist somewhere a porn parody written in Lovecraftian prose…then the internet truly has no reason to exist.”One of the posters at the BMMB mentioned that he/she got a story or two published in a magazine called “Cthulhu Sex”, whose archives were (and maybe still are) on the internet somewhere.

  13. It was actually me that got harassed (gunthera1/Anna). Mattie was the one that was hosting the event.It was definitely upsetting that he did not stop even though people spoke up. It is disappointing when these things continue despite people standing up to it.

  14. Das sehe ich auch so. Daher ein Vorschlag:Der Winter kann bitterkalt werden. Der Südflügel ist doch noch beheizbar?! Kann dieser nicht als Notübernachtung und Aufenthaltsmöglichkeit für Menschen ohne Dach über dem Kopf benutzt werden? Im Südflügel gibt es sicher auch irgendwo Duschen. War da nicht auch mal so etwas wie eine Kantine?

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  18. How funny! I’ve just been on ‘So Close’ and Tertia has been reviewing the book and now I come here and I find you’re the publisher. This blogging world is such a small one sometimes.It looks like higher forces are instructing me to read the book…PxxCover is GREAT – I love the font

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  20. , “Seamus, I’m going to turn out as a prostitute, so we might have some gruel.” Andy X’s mom returned that evening, and handed Seamus her the wad she collected that evening. After counting, Seamus looks at Irene, and says, “There’s 7 Pounds, and 42 pence, here… who gave you the 42 pence?” Irene looked back at Seamus, and gleefully shouted, “THE ALL DID!!!”

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  24. That is awesome!!!!! I really hope that people can heed the message and know that bitterness breeds nothing but hopelessness and despair. It also condemns your life!If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come across this link? Fb? I’m only asking to see which tools I’m using that are reaching the masses better.

  25. Chi adotta come assunto “politico” l’offesa, l’aggressione, il becero insulto fine a se stesso, non rappresenta di fatto il partito democratico. Come dice un vecchio proverbio talvolta è meglio star zitti dando l’impressione di essere stupidi, che parlare, o scrivere, togliendo ogni dubbio….ciao

  26. Hi Mary,So nice to see you here! LOL on the hiding from my own children. It had to be done! Asking for help is a good way to get rid of kids around here, too!Thanks for coming by, Kris. So great to see you here and thanks for the kind words! Hope you enjoy Fatal Affair.

  27. So cool! But I can't believe they didn't just give you the sticks! I took about 15-20 from HD last time I was there to use as shims in our kitchen remodel, no problem. Maybe you talked to the wrong guy/gal! Either way, the shade is still a beautiful project!

  28. இந்து மதத்துக்குத்தான் ஒரு தலைவனும் இல்ல, கேக்குறதுக்கு ஒருநாதியும் இல்ல… அதுனால இங்க நீங்க எல்லாரும் எப்டி வேணாலும் திட்டலாம்… எங்க, தைரியம் இருந்தா ஃபேஸ் புக்குல வந்து முஸ்லீம்க்கு எதிரா இல்ல அல்லாவ திட்டி ஒரு கட்டுரையோ இல்ல படமோ போட்டுப்பாருங்க… ஒங்கள போட்டுத்தள்ளீருவாய்ங்க… போங்கைய்யா நீங்களும் ஒங்க கட்டுரைகளும்… சே.. வெறுத்துப்போச்சு…

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  30. Good to see schools rewarding something other than top marks! And yes, kids do also need to understand they won't always be rewarded for goodness!! Congrats to Anush!

  31. Lots of folks have another turkey with stuffing for Christmas, so I’d say you are right on time for planning purposes, Cathy. I like almonds and figs for sure. I just made stuffing out of Tostitos, believe it or not, and everyone loved it. Easy and delish for all, but especially for those who gluten free. But additions and seasonings can be varied, so I might try the figs and almonds in that recipe.Thanks,Shirley

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  34. Mie-mi troznesc gleznele ingrozitor, orice as face si ma enerveaza pentru ca imi aduc aminte mereu cand le aud (si le adi des) ca o sa imbatranesc. E mult mai placut sa te crezi copac 😀

  35. Superleuk idee! Ben erg benieuwd :)Ik zou ook wel willen weten wat voor camera en lens je gebruikt, en hoe je editor bij Elle geworden bent (en of ze nog een plekje vrij hebben ;))X, Lucy

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  37. I just reread the post and don’t see anything inappropriate in what Louise Ross did. She stopped a politician in public and expressed her views. Oh, the humanity. Now if she screamed at him as he walked down the sidewalk or wouldn’t let him alone after he told her to keep running, then yeah, that’s inappropriate, but it doesn’t sound like she did that.

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  40. My music stand was actually purchased for the original intended use, to hold my music, and since I bought it at a music store it cost an arm and a leg. Something else that would work would be a typing stand/copy holder, and they’re easier to find.

  41. SheCodes, Mike and Lady D — I have found this network to be useful in providing ‘credibility’ for me when I’m reaching out to potential clients. I hope you find it equally supportive of your professional aspirations…

  42. This post… took my breath away. I am praying for you too Billy! As the sister of a breast cancer survivor I understand what it means to be a loved one of a family member with cancer. I am thanking and praising God for her good diagnosis!

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  50. YO, I got a black 1030 SW, first time I went swimming in Bermuda all the black paint came off, that was cool, but i just got back from Costa Rica and noticed the sun cap thing by the lens was missing. It must have fell off while I was snorkeling. Camera is 5 months old, only used for a week in BDA and a week in Costa Rica. The camera is still water proof but looks like crap! When I call Olympus, will they help me out?

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  54. Gente ajuda ? qual foi o filme que passou ontem no Corujão (dia 15-11-09) de uma mulher que fico com um menino de 15 anos ai a “amiga dela descobriu (era uma velha) e no final ela descobre que a amiga dela que conto pro cara que ela fico com o menino e tals .. ajuda? não lembro o nome =(

  55. sunrise here[ califiornia] 7AM. interesting that the “feeling”of fall is the same. looks the same as yours. not uncommon also to expect a light“snow in the higher mountain peaks” this time of year. As far a part as we are there is a LOT of similarities… Ive learned a LOT from your site. thanks for sharing…..

  56. Personally I don't like *at all* humanization of animals in every form (clothes, hairstyles, cosmetics, etc.), thought I can accept raincoats/sweaters (not ridiculous ones!) for little dogs in extreme weather conditions, but I don't think you're hurting them, and if they are happy as well, everything is ok.

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  62. Stephanie,I knew people would be uncomfortable. I feel bad about that. I’m a Southerner and we hate doing that. But I couldn’t write this kind of book about this kind of personal sea change in an academic manner.There will always be Charles Hayward’s “Tools for Woodwork” for schools. And now there is ATC for foul-mouthed aesthetic anarchists.Chris

  63. The hardest thing to get over were the discontinued items! It’s been hard replacing everything but the stuff I know I won’t be able to recover – that’s what I wonder about at night LOL

  64. Confesso: andrò a vedere Total Recall solo per Colin Farrell!! 😛 (non ho visto l'originale…. mi permetti di rimanere sul tuo blog?!)The Dark Knight lo vedrò di certo, a me gli altri due capitoli di Nolan sono piaciuti proprio tanto…Poi facci sapere se i tuoi commenti post-visione coincidono con quelli che farai davvero!!! ^____^

  65. Yes it is comfortable around the neck. I would suggest making a muslin of the top, since it’s hard to get a comfortable fit without the zipper in. Since it’s on the side, it’s hard to pinch shut unless you have a second person. That’s why I had to take out the zipper and tighten up both sides a little. I cut a size 14 and I am a bust 38 (36B bra size). Hope that helps you.

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  70. What happened to the “Flesh eating virus” the “Ebola disease” the “Bird ‘flu” and all the other scaremongering diseases that were supposed to wipe out mankind? Just a load of nonsense promulgated by the New World Order to keep us scared.

  71. we trust them Bomber. But what gaurantees an independant system is going to be any better. Define better — what are you looking for , more cops in Court, a body count factor perhaps, a police force so timid they dont do anything..I still read of cops getting charged. Judging by what your saying they get away with everything.

  72. Yes, well majority, I’ve never personally seen a school that doesn’t and I live in the U.K. When you get to Sixth Form (ages 17-18) you can normally wear your own clothes or (in my own case) a suit/work clothes. Hope this helped x

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  83. Michelle,I am smiling over here about O.W. leaving her talk show. Yeh, leaving after “installing” a left-wing Marxist Commie. Thanks Oprah, get out before you do something else big and destructive to America. Glad she’s leaving. Thank God!

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  121. By pauline scott August 3, 2010 — 2:42 pmmy prayers are with the mission, the workers and those who come seeking help. May God bless each one of you far above your expectations. Sometimes, when we think that we have come as far as we can, it is to remind us that He has plans for us that only He knows. The hard times come but we are never alone. I like to remember that peace does not mean the absence of trouble, but the absence of fear. Again God bless.

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  138. Thank you Alastair for the link to this site. I had little knowledge and have tried to search more facts and real stories of what is going on. I have been a staunch supporter of Israel and it’s right to protect itself, but this story and other accounts are changing my mind on “how” they are securing their identity and “their land.” And yes, Jesus would never do what is happening to these defenseless families.

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  144. that Islam is threatened by "extremist Islam, which, as Daniel has pointed out earlier, is a fallacy, because Islam is Islam. It is what it is. It should have no future, except as a fringe cult that can be mocked, if necessary, without fear of retaliation.

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  147. DanAs an “out” Wheaton graduate myself I applaud your insights. The true church is finally starting to turn the corner on this issue. Change does happen. Not always when we want it to, nor when we expect it to, but there can be no doubt that the church does come around.

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  161. Thanks!! I’m excited about this class. Lots of sweet girls to hopefully mentor in the right direction! I think this whole book writing is a much slower process than Bob expected. Life seems to get in the way of writing time! Give your sweet family lots of hugs and loving from us!

  162. I agree only I view it like a temporary fantasy… there are plenty of instances where I wish for dumb things, like the willpower of an anorexic…the skin of a print model…soon I quickly come back to earth and realize what I have isn’t so bad. It’s almost like an outlet for the anxiety. I wish I could explain it better. I took the anorexia comment as humor, yes it is serious for a lot of people, doesn’t mean it has to become this taboo ‘thing’ no one can mention or joke about.

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  181. If done properly … If done properly they almost always work, especially if I or most everyone I trained does them. All a person needs to do is relax and follow along. I had a few skeptics in the class, that got cleared up, via phenomena / proofs. Thanks for the questions and the interest. Come to a class and learn sometime. ;-D

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