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  5. Quem liberou foi a influência política do Marco Polo Del Nero junto à CBF. Acho que ela corrigiu um erro dela mesma e fácil de ser consertado. Mas vc não precisaria falar de placar 1xo, etc… sem nessdcieade. Se o Andres ler seu comentário, é capaz de dizer: Copa, Andres 5 x São Paulo 0

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  7. Wonderful summary of Irenaeus’ theology and writings. Unfortunately, they are irrelevant to most of my Protestant friends who feel the church had “blinked off” by that time and that people were being saved in spite of the church and not because of it.

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  11. The rich are always clamoring for more police and that is the reason the Mayor is running around with the new chief. No amount of police will keep you safe from the LA envisioned by the Mayor, Council and their minions. You will need security guards to escort you the moment you get out of your mansions. Keep dreaming, enjoy. It will eventually come to an end. And while you enjoy your soirees, keep thinking that land use issues and what goes on in this city are not your concern.

  12. Everyone has already pointed out the fact that the pasta was too vague to be truly scary, but I did get a chill up my spine (although I accredit that to not wearing much in a house that’s 60 degrees.) I did like it though – how it kind of played on every reader’s fear that, maybe, just maybe the pasta I’m reading will be the one to be real, will be the one to get me. I’ll give it a 6.5/10.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

  13. No. Only a few pure robot vs. robot battles will ever happen, IMO. It’s far more effective to pursue asymmetric/terrorist wars. This is a question of robot vs. civilian, where the real battle is in knowing where your enemy is, and when they will strike.I can go into more detail if it’s not clear to anyone how this might work or why this is more likely.

  14. Oh, I JUST love your Provence salad plates! Those are my favorite. And I also love the blue and yellow pottery. I’m hoping I can find some in the Carcassone area when I’m there in the fall.My girlfriend in Mass. gave me some salad plates similar to yours…..but mine are of 4 different Paris storefronts/doorways. I just treasure those.

  15. Hmmm … the GB men look wonderful and delicious. And M’s doing a good job of decorating them. And Kathryn, my son would definitely love a Bob the Builder GB. He even dreams of Bob when he’s sleeping.

  16. 20p for that amazing rose print bag???? That's definitely my favorite thing. Mind you, then there's the green patent leather handbag AND your divine paisley dress. Bargainous maximus.

  17. ETF’s? A la ruleta de las acciones ya no va nadie y ahora hay que poner de moda el Bacarrá?Acción-Reacción, te he querido votar positivamente pero el sistema no me deja, quizás sea mi ordenador…algo viejo pero que NO voy a cambiar. Estoy de acuerdo en tu postura, creo que somos muchos más.No todos somos Sacco&Vanzetti.Vota el comentario: 0  0

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  19. Mary, every time I drop by just can't wait to see your grandsons! They're all so adorable especailly the youngest one! Another few more years, they'll be handsome teenagers. Haha… Well, you're a beautiful grandmother too, of coz! Eat more NUTS but don't go NUTS! Have a wonderful day.Best wishes, Kristy

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  21. You always help me to look at the way I am doing things and realise I could do it better! Thanks, Tonya, I am going back to all my designs and re-examine them!!! Not to mention push the envelope on any future designs that I might come up with!!! I especially like your checklist idea!!!

  22. Susan — Amazing pictures of you guys, amazingly vivid color. The blues of the outfits, eyes, etc., are beautiful. The other shots are candid and wonderful. Good luck on choosing photos for printing!

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  25. Oh I forgot to mention, Wow! You guys certainly are brave! You dove in the sea at 9am in the morning to see the sharks? That must have been a sight to see! Hopefully they are more friendly than “Hollywood” paints them.

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  32. I have to agree and say that I think taking a step back with the wedding planning sounds like a very mature thing to do. Based on what I’ve seen with other friends, it seems like life gets crazy the minute a date is set. If life already feels crazy enough, why add anymore stress to your life? Do what you need to do. Say what you need to say. And let your man run you a couple more bubble baths (re: last post). You’ll get back to it, when it feels right (and when you can enjoy every minute of the planning).

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  37. Moi aussi ma fille avait des colliques, à moi aussi on m’a dit de la laisser pleurer…Nous ne l’avons jamais laissé pleurer car j’avais peur qu’elle croit qu’on ne l’aime pas, qu’on s’en fout d’elle, qu’on l’abandonne… Depuis ses 2 mois, quand je la met au lit, elle s’endort facilement même chez des amis… Comme quoi !

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  40. Bon courage les filles ! Sommes de tout coeur avec vous. A l’école de mon petit fils(c’est Monique 2 [goumand] qui parle),ils ont parlé de vous car mon petit fils devait donner des exemples de solidarité et je lui ai dit de citer votre organisation. Nous avons parlé de vous à la gym et à la marche. Allez les filles ! a fond la caisse ! à fond les gamelles ! gros bisous

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  45. I have been petitioning BioWare for YEARS on their (new and old) forums for the addition of a *SLAP*/*PUNCH* option for EVERY dialogue interaction with NPCs. So I’d gladly be aboard this boat. More seriously, if a game gives us a speech/persuasion/intimidation skill, yet never allows us to utilize it believably and where it would matter in many of these childish and ridiculous social quests, then why have the social skills in your game at all?

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  47. Your baby blankets look absolutely adorable.1000 I love how they are unisex so You can save it for the next baby or pass it down to family and friends. I have a seven month old son named Oliver who would love to snuggle up in the yellow/grey blanket.

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  59. It’s hard to trust the gospels. It’s pretty well established that they have been screwed around with regularly and were picked by committee in the first place. Only one of them is even written in the first person IIRC.

  60. We are doomed to cook the planet with greenhouse gases if we can’t convince our leaders of the need for a more progressive energy policy that fades out coal ASAP and promotes renewable options. Given our current Congress I am doubtful about this policy change happening promptly enough. We will see change next year when new members are sworn in, but the “fiscal cliff” demonstrates how difficult it is for these leaders to move toward solutions that benefit more people vs. those with greatest clout.

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  62. Great photos… I see I didn’t succeed in hiding from the camera. Ha Ha, but its alright. It was a great event. I am still in touch with the bloggers I connected with and one of the bloggers knew people I knew here in Connecticut (small world). I hope you will be doing this again in September.

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  69. Oh my gosh, God bless your wife… and your neighbors. I thought your love of inflatable decorations was a joke, haha. Rock on.Merry Christmas to you and your family!.-= Nathan´s last blog .. =-.

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  73. Bravo pour les patates, mais pourquoi une rétrospective de 2010 ? De plus, dans votre courriel nous invitant à voter pour les événements (avec deux accents aigus, svp), vous nous annoncez également une rétrospective des Givrés. Seraient-ils restés dans le congélo ?

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  75. Hey Shawn & Keith unfortunately i can’t sign up because i live in the Middle East & is saying “SITE BLOCKED”.Also,when it’s 7:30EST it’s around 3 or 4 am here so i’ll be unable to join in. :/Please can you have it some other time if it’s possible?Thanks

  76. “But seriously, you call them fucking ignorant bastards for not liking that style of artwork.” Holes left to be exploited, my friend. Yet, I said “If ya can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” in the first place. Not only that, I’m pretty sure “bullshit” is a rather sign of ignorance. This is somebody’s artwork they put their heart and soul into it. You obviously dislike the artwork as well, if you understood, you wouldn’t be replying to me. I ain’t open to ‘em when i dislike em.

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  78. You always look flawless. I really love how you mix pretty and edgy pieces together. Love the shoes! I’ve been trying to find a black pair for ages. I’ve been told they aren’t the most comfortable as well. Maybe they will wear in with a bit of luck for you or could a boot guy stretch them?xx Mandi

  79. I have short nails to begin with, so i feel if i did this it may look super odd. Also, those stupid stripers never work for me, i’m like a klutz with them. I always revert to using a toothpic to draw lines or what not. I think they look great on you! totally loving the nude and black! maybe i’ll try them….one day lol

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