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  2. If Romney haven’t paid for virtually any taxes in ten years, don’t you believe the IRS would have recently been across this specific?

  3. Being pro-Israel is considered integral part of being a hip and trendy “progressive” in the US.really? trendy? where did you hear this? do you live here? can you link to a “progressive” you think is a model for these alleged “progressives”.are you completely out of touch with what’s been happening on california campuses? or don’t they qualify as ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’. who are the trendsetters in your eyes?

  4. You have car boots during the week? lucky you! Great finds. I went to Uni in York, and they still have the original Deco Odeon there. Films were all £2, only downside was that the ye olde seats were very small and uncomfortable compared to todays plush cinemas! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the article. No mention of automated unit testing with ABAPUnit. I spend most of my professional career in the JEE field and have used unit testing on the base of JUnit a lot. Using it helps to write better structured code, reduce bugs and make refactoring possible. And contrary what most believe that never used it, it does not delay the project. But it certainly helps to reduce the cost of maintenance later. Automated unit testing is best practice. What do you think of automated unit testing in the area of ABAP?

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  7. Enjoy your break and have fun – even with the rain coming in! Hmmm…wonder who that other blogger could be?! :)I posted today about taking my 2 week Spring Break! It feels good to take a break!Happy Resurrection Day a little early!

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  10. My son was 8lb 3oz and lasted about 2-3 weeks in the NB size. They really fit just fine in 0-3 clothing, it’s not a big deal if it’s a little baggy at first since they grow so quick. You will probably get enough NB size clothes as gifts. +2Was this answer helpful?

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  12. O novo Museu dos Coches: O arq. Eduardo Souto de Moura teria feito uma trabalho infinitamente melhor caso tivesse sido convidado para criar o novo museu para a colecção nacional dos Coches. O que o seu colega do Brasil está a fazer em Belém é uma obra pesadona e sem sensibilidade ao contexto. Vai ser apenas mais uma obra autista e orgulhosa que se impõe como um grito na cidade histórica. Foi uma oportunidade perdida para se criar de facto património para o futuro.

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  16. Hardly worth repeating, but suffice to say, your photos are wonderful and I hope you scored a new visor at the Simmer sale today. I on the other hand scored a new personal best going 0-60mph on my 4.0 in 5 seconds! Ulles was there as my teacher and witness! Madafuka it was windy as shit today.

  17. The financial incentive is pretty simple.The State has decided it wants a plantation. The working poor get to pay for it. If the state cannot find enough rooms, it simply spends as much tax money as it needs to do so.The working norse can’t compete with a government that can write blank checks … especially when they are the ones paying for those blank checks.Oh, and Robert … when native europeans act like Islamists a-holes, they get branded as neo-nazis, and out come the riot police, with orders to kill instead of orders to watch.

  18. comentou em 7 de julho de 2012 às 09:29. vc disse exatamente o q eu penso! inclusive meu blog foi criado pra reforcar essa ideia mesmo, de que essa glamourizacao q criaram em cima das mulheres é na verdade uma grande bobagem! ser chik é ser inteligente, é saber gastar bem seu dinheiro e ser acessivel a todas as pessoas! simplicidade é luxo e a maxima do “menos é mais” deve ser usada cada vez mais nos tempos de hj! parabens!

  19. Je me demande quelles sont vos sources pour être aussi catégorique sur ce que vous affirmez. En effet, il y a déjà tellement de migrants en Chine qu’ils n’ont pas besoin de main d’oeuvre supplémentaire. Bref, je doute de ce que vous avancez.En revanche, vous marquez des points sur le fait qu’ils n’ont pas le droit de manifester comme les Chinois, et malgré toute demande au préalable.

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  22. These brownies look and sound amazing!! I have a couple of questions about the recipe when you have a second – I was wondering if pure vanilla extract is normally alcohol-free, and if not, what’s the difference? Also, is the espresso powder instant? And did you roast the sweet potatoes in the oven first? PS I’m loving the song Brokenhearted right now – so catchy and addicting!

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  24. Covers look really cool……but why do they have to be released later than the english version???? like, we just got the fourth book, but germany hasn’t gotten the third????? that is so not fair.but just to say to the germans-You’re gunna love this series like you’ve never before.

  25. thanks for this video post i wanted to try modern combat 2 but it wasn’t compatible with the motorola triumph but i seen your video i thought i’d give it a try and sure enough it works. Its work great too the game plays like it was made for the fun im hoping i can connect my ps3 controller to it then this will be fantastic. Modern combat 3 imma try next.

  26. « La légèreté dans la profondeur » ou plutôt une légèreté profonde, car les deux sont inséparables pour être au plus juste des choses. Bernard Frank, Roger Nimier, et d’autres. Aujourd’hui malheureusement, on court trop vite vers la légèreté et la désinvolture, en croyant y être alors que c’est tout autre chose.

  27. De andra partierna borde göra en där de bytt ut kvinnorna i burka mot en grupp på 5 personer skinnskallar och några klädda som Jimmie Åkesson som marscherar fram mot socialbidragskontoret, och pensionären byts ut mot en stor grupp människor av blandade nationaliteter som går mot sitt jobb och visar hur de skrattar tillsammans och kan umgås.

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  29. Outstanding. A cheap lawn chair, some hot chocolate and to sit awhile bundled in furs, taking in every detail of this breathtaking view… What an experience it must have been…how cold was it?

  30. I drove all the way to Atlanta to watch Jablonski play the COLB trump card and see Orly screech like Natasha Badanov!! Poooor Foggy-OBot. You should have went on the train with OBot Loren. You two clowns can still commiserate together at court house! LoL.

  31. Hiccup…Oops, guess i stuck my johnson out too far that time. Looks like Im a Judeo-Christian now.The republican response was superb. Tossed it right back in their laps. Thats what you do to filibusterers.And it really didnt waste that much time (aka taxpayer dollars). Once the Dems saw they were caught, they hurried that thing along without any real reaction.

  32. 1b1Loved the article. Only thing I don’t understand is ‘why would carriers embrace a likely future competitor’? Google’s products have taken away carrier texting revenue (SMS to Email) and voice revenue (SIP/VOIP). Now they are taking away carrier Navigation revenue (many millions per year). At what point might carriers realize that they have thrown rose petals along the path of this Trojan horse?3 dd 45

  33. Ryssen seems to have a theory that the Jews are not right in their heads, and that incest often runs in their families (indeed, Freud had a theory that people want to kill their fathers and sleep with their mothers). I wonder if Ryssen really thinks incest is widespread in Jewish families and has important psychological repercussions, or if he's only trying to ridicule them. Anyway, he is courageous to write about them.

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  35. Oh how I relate! All the aspects of being a woman, wanting to be perfect in every area, and feeling less than adequate to do so.Soon, your girls will be older and you will have plenty of time to give in other areas, but these moments? These periods when it’s just you and them? Those will be moments you will forever cherish.I know you are a wonderful woman in all areas and am so glad you are willing to share just a small part of yourself with us.

  36. Thinking,of my dear Friends Carol and Buddy, Samatha and Robert and Tina in the loss of your Mother and Grandmother. Bless you all and your relatives that are feeling the grief also. I am a neighbor up the Street from Carol, hope this helps give you comfort. God Bless! Margaret.

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  43. Realmente, é muito preocupante essa situação.Também tenho um amigo no Japão, também perdi o contato com ele antes da tragédia que assolou e vem assolando o país desde semana passada, só que o conheci pela Internet.Fiz contato com ele, mas ele ainda não respondeu. Em nós, fica a apreensão. Bom, boa sorte e tomara que esteja tudo OK com Hiro.Um abraço!

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  56. Aw com on, Whitey. You must admit that Romney has convinced America that his plan is best. Obama hasn't convinced me of anything and he is reminding me of his attribute: WEAK.You and all the rest of FN posters just can't handle the truth about Obama. He's a loser. Even Field must admit this truth.

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  61. This takes my mind into "The Sound Of Music" except a retro beginning and charmingly awkward ending. I usually dress as "yellow tights" with the thought of blue lipstick, even if I don't. Hope your weekend is nice 🙂

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  64. Man, that video will be one to bring out of the trunk when you are 50. What a test of will. You may have had your "lows", but you also showed your mettle when it counted. Good luck in recovery. -craig

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  73. Wonderful post, Leila — loved the description of the old building as having outgrown its crinoline. Not only beautifully written, but informed, thoughtful, passionate — I'm trying to picture a 'random Danish composer'!

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  77. my heart goes out to you Yousef , and all gazans and all palestinians whose courage and resilience fills me with hope everyday and the determination to continue working to free palestine. i visited gaza last year and stayed in a wonderful generous home with people who stole my heart. gazans stole my heartin solidarity forever

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